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Practice Areas

The INBLF’s North American member firms are all boutique firms dedicated to practicing one or two practice areas in which they are proficient. Together, they span the full range of legal specialties. The INBLF includes members who practice in all the following areas of the law:

North American Chapters

The INBLF’s North American chapters consist of top-ranked boutique law firms linked together in local areas across the United States and Canada. Each firm concentrates on one or two discrete areas of practice, but together they stand ready to assist one another’s clients regardless of the subject matter. The INBLF has a chapter in each of the following areas in North America.

International Partners

The INBLF’s international partners are leading multi-discipline law firms, in commercial centers outside the United States and Canada, that stand ready to assist the clients of INBLF firms wherever the need arises. The INBLF has an international partner law firm in each of the following nations:

Asia Pacific Region


Latin America – Caribbean



Board of Directors

Chapter Presidents

The local INBLF chapters in the United States and Canada are headed by Chapter Presidents:

California – Los Angeles:  James Mulcahy
California – San Diego:  Charles T. Hoge
California – San Francisco:  David Ivester
California – Silicon Valley:  Marcine A. Seid
Colorado – Denver:  Pamela N. Hirschman
District of Columbia – Washington:  Arnold P. Lutzker
Florida – Miami:  Harry Payton
Florida – Tampa:  G. Donovan Conwell, Jr.
Georgia – Atlanta:  H. Lamar Mixson
Illinois – Chicago:  Lawrence Friedman
Indiana – Indianapolis:  John David Hoover
Massachusetts – Boston:  Catherine E. Reuben
Missouri – St. Louis:  Anthony G. Simon
New Jersey:  Alan S. Ashkinaze
New York – New York City:  Jane B. Jacobs
New York – Western New York:  Rob Brown
North Carolina:  Andy Penry
Ohio – Cleveland:  Subodh Chandra
Ontario – Toronto:  Lloyd Hoffer
Oregon:  Diane Polscer
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia:  Jon Landau
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh:  Alan Perer
Quebec – Montreal:  Pierre La Traverse
South Carolina:  James T. McLaren

Texas – Dallas:  Cliff I. Taylor
Texas – Houston:  Robin Gibbs
Wisconsin:  J. Ric Gass

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