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Important legal matters demand representation by attorneys with impeccable credentials, specialized knowledge, a wealth of experience and, often, a national or international team in support. Large full-service law firms in the United States and Canada can have these qualities, but with serious trade-offs. In a large law firm, partners with impressive credentials and experience are generally not available on a regular basis even to their biggest clients. Overstaffing by junior attorneys exacerbates these firms’ already-high billing rates.

Boutique law firms – smaller, single-specialty firms – offer an attractive alternative. They can feature highly qualified and experienced senior attorneys who focus on client service and contact, with a lower overhead reflected in their billing rates. But not all boutique firms have the same high qualifications as the leading large firms, and many don’t have resources to draw upon outside their field of specialization or their own geographic area when the need arises. Finding the right boutique law firm at the right place and time can be a formidable challenge.

The International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms (INBLF) presents a new solution to this challenge. The INBLF is a network of highly credentialed single-discipline boutique law firms, across the United States and Canada. The INBLF is not an organization a lawyer or law firm can join by paying a fee. The INBLF carefully reviews the qualifications each potential member and invites only those who represent the highest level of knowledge, experience, and reputation to join. Each member carries credentials comparable or superior to what can be found at the highest-ranking full-service firms, without the insulating layers of intermediate attorneys between the client and the lawyer, and without the concomitant exorbitant billing rates.

North American Chapters

The INBLF brings together leading boutique firms across a full range of legal specialties in major commercial centers throughout the United States and Canada. Click here to see a list of INBLF practice areas, and here to see the location of the INBLF’s North American chapters.

International Partners

The INBLF has also partnered with leading full-service law firms around the globe – in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America – to ensure that top-flight legal services are available to clients of INBLF firms wherever the need arises. Click here to see the countries in which the INBLF has partner firms. A client of an INBLF firm can enjoy the advantages of a global presence in all areas of the law without sacrificing the personal attention that a boutique practice offers.