When you need legal guidance, assistance or advocacy, you can rely on the attorneys at INBLF member firms.

Our network of highly credentialed attorneys offers specialized boutique law firms across the United States and Canada, as well as independent full-service firms that understand the issues, laws and business cultures in countries around the world.

Membership is offered only to carefully selected law firms to ensure individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments have access to top caliber, cost-effective legal services. If you are interested in joining INBLF, please click here to receive more information.

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Stay updated with what’s going on in the world and how COVID-19 is affecting business.

INBLF “Great Legal Minds”
Webinar Series

A virtual recorded series of INBLF members who provide educational offerings related to global legal matters.

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INBLF members share their knowledge on issues, laws and business cultures around the world.

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Announcements made by INBLF attorney members interviewed by the media press on global current issues.

INBLF “Great Legal Minds” Webinar

Foreign Investments In U.S Businesses

September 10th, 2020
11:00 AM EST


Upcoming Event

Sixteenth Annual Meeting and Black-Tie Event

Sixteenth Annual Meeting and Black-Tie Event

05 November 2020 - 08 November 2020
Regretfully, the INBLF Board of Directors has determined that the Miami Black Tie Weekend, scheduled…
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Chicago Fly In Cancelled

Chicago Fly In Cancelled

01 December 2020
We have regretfully canceled this event due to concerns about the Coronavirus.
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Shanghai Cancelled

Shanghai Cancelled

02 December 2020
We have regretfully canceled this event due to concerns about the Coronavirus in China.
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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

INBLF members provide a country-by-country analysis of GDPR, European Union’s comprehensive data protection law intended to protect the privacy and security of EU resi…

INBLF Press Release – SelectUSA Summit June 2019


INBLF Hosts Welcome Reception at 2019 SelectUSA Summit

WASHINGTON, DC – INBLF (International Network of Boutique and Independent Law F

Doing Business in the United States – INBLF MEMBER ARTICLES

Welcome to INBLF. The following supplement to your INBLF Guide to Doing Business in the United States contains detailed materials concerning specific legal issues im...

Awards & Achievements

Alberto Lasheras Shine Memorial Award

  • - 2018 Peter Kunz (Vienna, Austria)
  • - 2017 Susan Lutzker (Washington, D.C. Chapter)
  • - 2016 Kathryn Roe (Chicago, Illinois), Jack Rovner (Chicago, Illinois)
  • - 2015 Eduardo Cardenas (Colombia)
  • - 2014 Emily Yiolitis (Cyprus)
  • - 2013 Kirsten Schlenger (San Francisco Chapter)
  • - 2012 Alessandro Barzaghi (Milano, Italy)
  • - 2011 Jose Maria Perez (Quito, Ecuador)

Lawrence W. Koltun Memorial Award

  • - 2018 Sharanya Ranga (Mumbia, India)
  • - 2017 Marcine Seid (Silicon Valley Chapter)
  • - 2016 Mark Lowndes (New Zealand)
  • - 2015 Michael Lintern-Smith (Hong Kong), Kevin Steel (Hong Kong)
  • - 2014 Peter Baugher (Chicago Chapter)
  • - 2013 Byron Cannon (Australia)
  • - 2012 Arnie Lutzker (Washington, D.C. Chapter)
  • - 2011 Marc Durant (Philadelphia Chapter)
  • - 2010 Ira Grudberg (Connecticut Chapter)
  • - 2009 Walter Garnsey, Jr. (Denver Chapter)

Edward R. Gallion Memorial Award

  • - 2018 Los Angeles Chapter (James Mulcahy, President)
  • - 2017 European Region (Stuart Evans, Regional Director)
  • - 2016 Indianapolis Chapter (John David Hoover, President)
  • - 2015 New York City Chapter (Paul Wilson, President)
  • - 2014 Chicago Chapter (Lawrence Friedman, President)
  • - 2013 Miami Chapter (Greg Mayback, President)

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