Rounding Out the Team: When and How to Engage a Financial Planner to Apply State of the Art Financial Tools and Techniques in Complex Divorces

Author: Jane Taylor Published: Fall 2020 In this article, we explore the effective use of financial planners and advisors throughout a divorce case. In high-asset divorce cases, clients are often about to undertake one of their largest financial transactions. Financial issues in divorce cases are becoming increasingly complex in this age of complex

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Hanson Crawford Crum, family law, financial planner
Beyond the Guidelines: The Use of Mental Health Experts in Determining Appropriate Levels of Child Support for Affluent Families Hanson, Belinda

Author: Jacqueline Singer, Matthew Sullivan, Belinda Hanson, and Jane Caroline Taylor Published: 2019 This article explores the use of mental health professionals in determining child support for families of extreme affluence. A comprehensive review of social science literature of the impact of wealth on children, is followed by a review of the

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child support, high income earner, mental health expert