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Hanni Fakhoury

Criminal Law, Civil Rights Law

Hanni Fakhoury is a trial and appellate criminal defense and civil rights litigator. A widely-recognized expert on electronic surveillance, national media outlets routinely seek his opinion, and leading civil liberties groups his counsel, on Fourth Amendment and digital privacy issues.

In the courtroom, Hanni has a lengthy record of success for his clients. With close to a decade of previous experience as an Assistant Federal Public Defender, his victories included prevailing at trial for an individual accused of terrorism crimes, defeating a government request for a $7 million criminal restitution award in a securities fraud case, obtaining dismissal of a 41 count tax fraud indictment through aggressive pre-trial litigation, and reversing several convictions in federal appellate courts through the country. Hanni’s expertise includes tax fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and computer crimes.

Hanni previously worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where he litigated and successfully resolved civil rights lawsuits against the FBI, UC Berkeley Police Department, and the state of California for constitutional violations.

Throughout his career, Hanni has been involved in cutting-edge litigation concerning law enforcement use of technology. He has worked on groundbreaking appellate cases involving law enforcement acquisition of cell phone location records, the FBI’s use of sophisticated computer malware as an investigative tool, the compelled decryption of electronic devices, and interpretations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Because of his expertise and experience, he has presented and lectured at more than 100 legal conferences, and was recruited by the Federal Judicial Center to provide training to federal judges on technology and surveillance issues in criminal cases.

Hanni is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Fourth Amendment Center Tech Advisory Board, and was selected to serve on its Predictive Policing Task Force. He received his undergraduate degree with honors from the University of California Berkeley, and his law degree with distinction from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law.