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What Is The Process of Extradition?

Webinar Date: August 20th, 2020 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

In today’s inter-linked world, crime easily becomes the subject of international investigations and trans-national court proceedings.

The discussion will cover the subject of extradition as part of the overall international criminal justice system. We will explain the process, including the legal requirements that the requesting country must meet, possible defenses, and the very real political side of such requests.

This webinar will cover:

  • The steps in the extradition process;
  • Does the subject get advance notice;
  • Is the subject entitled to bond;
  • What defenses are available in extradition proceedings;
  • Asylum & CAT (Convention Against Torture)
  • Alternatives to extradition (abduction, expulsion, trickery, luring, or surrender by the host country).

Our Speakers:

Leo Adler: Has practiced criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory law throughout Canada since 1975. He also represents clients in and out of Canada who face extradition, mutual legal assistance issues, Interpol warrants, and other international criminal cases, or wished to be repatriated to Canada for sentencing purposes. From 2005-2015 he was appointed by the Federal Government to a Roundtable dealing with national security and terrorism issues, including briefings by CSIS, RCMP, CBSA and others. Since 1995 he’s been an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, and now teaches “Advocacy at the ICC” and coaches teams for ICC and Nuremberg moots. He has also testified at Parliamentary committees, been interviewed by the media, and has published articles on legal justice topics.

Kevin Steel: Kevin is a criminal law specialist who has practiced criminal law, including fraud, financial crime and defence cases for individuals and corporations in Hong Kong for the last twenty eight years. He joined Robertsons in 1994 and heads the firm’s Corporate Crime Unit. He is recommended in the Corporate Crime Section of the Asia Pacific Legal 500, for Hong Kong. He also sat on the Criminal Law and Procedure Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong between 1995 and 2018 and is generally recognized as one of the leading lawyers in his field, most recently being recognized as a leading lawyer by the Doyles Guide.

Sam Rabin: Is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has earned a reputation for his aggressive representation and thorough preparation defending the rights of those charged with federal and state crimes. He began his career as a prosecutor and later retired from public service as Chief Assistant State Attorney under the late Attorney General Janet Reno. Sam Rabin has been involved in numerous high profile cases and investigations. He is licensed to practice in the State of Florida and in Federal Courts throughout the United States. Sam Rabin is listed in Leading Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, The 100 Best Criminal Lawyers in the USA and he receives an AV Rating each year, the highest rating offered, by Martindale-Hubbell. Since 1985, Sam Rabin has devoted 100% of his practice to defending individuals and businesses who are being investigated or charged with violating the law in federal and state courts.