High performing law firm boutiques are, at core, small businesses characterized by a mix of entrepreneurial spirit, unique talent, focus and plain old hard work. Being a partner in a boutique can be the realization of career hopes and dreams. And like all small businesses it takes vision and tenacity to maintain and grow the firm once the founders are ready to take a less active role in the day to day operations. The savvy younger partners need to be prepared to meet this challenge head on. This presentation will cover the relentless demographic shifts in our profession, what the implications are for younger and midlevel partners, how to approach the founders and, maybe most importantly, the clients. I welcome questions during the presentation and hope to learn from you as well.

About our presenter:

Murray M. Coffey is a lawyer with 30+ years of experience. Murray got his start in the criminal courtrooms of Cook County as an Assistant Public Defender. For the last 22 years he has served multiple firms as a Chief Marketing Officer. As a CMO he developed a deep understanding of client relations through crafting highly tailored client interview programs for firm leadership. And, through analyzing the results of these programs, gained unique insights into the hierarchy of client needs. Today he runs his own consultancy focusing on all aspects of marketing, business development, client relations and related staff development for law firms across the country. He is frequently published in Bloomberg Law, American Lawyer, Global Law, and Business, hosts podcasts covering such diverse topics as lateral partner recruiting, global law firm mergers and legal storytelling and presents CLE’s on business of law topics for West LegalEd. To learn more about Murray M. Coffey please visit mcoffey.net.

Succession planning for the high performing law firm boutique