Lawyers are more likely to get hired when three things are achieved: Visibility, Trust, and Expertise. As an established worldwide networking platform, LinkedIn is a useful tool to achieve these three goals.

A key opportunity within INBLF is the ability to refer and “cross-sell” between member firms. The probability of successfully referring members increases with greater familiarity of fellow members’ legal practices and client experience.

This presentation about LinkedIn will address:

  • Practical ways that members can raise their Visibility on this multinational platform
  • How to increase Trust by following, supporting, and engaging with other members’ activities
  • Best practices for sharing your firm’s Expertise and thought leadership

About the Presenter: Nicholas Kosar supports lawyers in their marketing efforts primarily through digital channels such as social media, website development, email marketing, and content marketing. With a 25-year background in digital and print publishing (magazines, books, and digital) and business development in multinational law firms, his focus is on helping lawyers grow their practices through the smart use of digital tools. Nick holds a BA in Russian Studies from the University of Virginia, an MBA from the College of William & Mary, and a Certificate in Legislative Affairs from Georgetown University’s Government Affairs Institute.

Raise your visibility, trust & expertise