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L&A Partner Peter Lando appeared on GBH News to comment on intellectual property waivers in light of covid vaccines
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Published: May 17th, 2021L&A Partner Peter Lando spoke with WGBH Greater Boston reporter Liz Neisloss on the recent announcement by the Biden Administration in support of waiving international intellectual property protections for COVID vaccines. Greater Boston, a local public television program presented by WGBH, is hosted by Jim Braude. Greater Boston

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IBM Reports Cyberattacks on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Chain
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Author: Caitlin WilmotPublished: December 4th, 2020IBM Security (the company’s cybersecurity division) has recently discovered a global phishing campaign targeting organizations associated with the critical coronavirus vaccine distribution chain. The division’s “X-Force,” created at the onset of the pandemic to monitor cyber threats against vaccine developers and distributors, released a report on Thursday

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Supreme Court: The FTC – The Chief Federal Agency on Privacy Policy and Enforcement Since the 1970s – May Not Have Ever Had Authority to Demand Monetary Relief
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Author: Jenny L. Colgate, Caitlin WilmotPublished: February 3rd, 2021While Europe is leveraging hefty fines against violators of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments last month on whether the FTC – the chief federal agency on privacy policy and enforcement since the 1970s – lacks

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Destruction of Australian Indigenous Rock Art and the Concept of Place-Based IP: Another Casualty of COVID-19 Lutzker, Susan J.
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Author: Susan LutzkerPublished: July 6, 2020The recent destruction of 46,000 year-old rock shelters in Western Australia by the actions of mining giant Rio Tinto has focused attention on the proposed new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act. The new law would expand the definition of significant sites from dots on a map to

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