Recent California Federal District Court Decision, in Alleged “Hub-and-Spoke” Antitrust Conspiracy, Allows Plaintiff to Aggregate Competitive Effects of Separate Vertical Agreements to Show Antitrust Injury in Claim Against the “Hub” but not the “Spokes”.

October 28 2013

In the antitrust context, a “rimless wheel” – or “hub-and-spoke” – conspiracy is not a general conspiracy but instead amounts to multiple conspiracies between the common defendant – e.g., a distributor – and each of the other defendants – e.g., multiple suppliers. This means that, absent allegations establishing a “rim” between the spokes, a hub-and-spoke…

California Courts Are Beginning To Reexamine Their Outdated Decisions Addressing Vertical Price and Other Distributional Restraints Under The Cartwright Act

October 13 2013

Thirty-five years ago, the California Supreme Court held that vertical price fixing is per se unlawful under California’s antitrust statute. 1 Since then, however, modern economic analysis and federal antitrust jurisprudence have evolved dramatically away from the antiquated common law “restraints on alienation” approach to per se condemnation. For the past thirty years, the California…

AT&T Mobility v. AU Optronics Extends The California Cartwright Act’s Expansive Geographical Scope

July 22 2013

As all California antitrust lawyers know, California’s principal antitrust statute is the Cartwright Act.1 The Act “generally outlaws any combinations or agreements which restrain trade or competition or which fix or control prices.”2 And, as the California Supreme Court recently made clear, “[f]rom its inception, [the Act] has always been focused on the punishment of…

INBLF in Chicago Daily Bulletin

August 2 2012

Lawrence M. Friedman of Barnes, Richardson & Colburn and the Illinois chapter president of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF), and Steven Spielvogel of New York-based Gallion & Spielvogel LLP and president and chairman of INBLF, welcomed members to the group’s Chicago open house on Aug. 2 Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP Part-ners…

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