Ninth Circuit Dismisses Robinson-Patman and Sherman Act Claims, Stating: “We Must Return This Capitalist Rumble to The Forum Where it Belongs: The Market

September 6 2016

Antitrust lawyers well know that price discrimination claims under the Robinson-Patman Act (RPA) can be very difficult to win. For example, going as far back as 1953, the SupremeCourt has held that there is no buyer liability under Section 2(f) unless the plaintiff (the disfavored buyer) can show the defendant (the favored buyer) knew both:…

Worker’s Compensation Law and Practice

August 2 2016

Written by experienced worker’s compensation practitioners, this book provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the issues pertaining to the administration and practice of worker’s compensation law in Indiana. Both claimant’s and defendant’s counsel, along with their clients, will find this volume an invaluable resource.. To preview or order, click here

Customs Law

August 1 2016

Intended for use in law schools to teach the legal and administrative aspects of customs law in the U.S including tariff classification, valuation, enforcement and related litigation. Although designed as a text, the book is a valuable resource for practitioners and for corporate compliance professionals. To preview or order, click here

INBLF Press Release – SelectUSA Summit June 2016

June 15 2016

International Network of Boutique Law Firms Sponsors SelectUSA Investment Summit WASHINGTON, DC, June 15, 2016 –The International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF) will be a principal service provider sponsor of the SelectUSA Investment Summit June 19-21 in Washington, D.C. Click here to view story as it originally appeared

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